children's book author



For Schools:

Finding A Friend In A Book

 In a presentation heavy on rhythm and fun, we’ll talk about how different books offer us different things and how to choose a book for when you’re feeling happy or quiet or silly or sad. We’ll read several books together and play some games. Then we’ll work on writing a rhymed story together.

Three Things Creative People Know

A presentation about creativity and how to bring that into your own writing.

Using plenty of games and activities, we’ll talk about what creativity is and how we might use it in our writing and other areas of life. We’ll also talk about five techniques for those times when writing isn’t going so well.

Games With Words

Sometimes writing just seems hard. This presentation focuses on putting the fun back into words and putting those words together. Learn games that you can use to find ideas, decide how you want to organize those ideas, revise your writing, and just have fun with words during your day.

For Teachers:

Games With Words

There's so much to fit into a day that sometimes by the intermediate grades the sheer fun of words gets less time. This class will focus on quick games that make words fun, bring a class together and help kids develop a life-long love of reading and writing. Each game is designed to be played in less than five minutes so it can be fit into those little moments during the day. Play as you walk down the hall, put on coats, wait to board the bus, whenever.

For Writers:

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Picture Book

Sometimes we look at that blank screen and…nothing happens. We’re out of ideas or the ideas we come up with are a bit meh. This class focuses on several (13!) different techniques for generating fresh picture book ideas. We’ll learn techniques, talk about mentor texts for each and do writing prompts and other creative exercises to get those ideas flowing again.