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You must remember, my dears, that the shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story.
— Anthony de Mello

I grew up on a farm which I loved except for the cows. Cows have to be milked every morning and night. You can't get far from a farm before you have to turn around to make it back by milking time. That I did not love. I explored the world by reading books.

When I grew up, I wanted to see the things I’d read about. So I did. I’ve lived in a tiny town in Iowa where people grew pigs or tulips, in a high rise in the middle of a Brazilian city, in a house on the edge of the desert where all the plants and bugs were strange to me and in a big American city where people from all over the world lived together. All told, I’ve lived in eight states and two countries and visited others. I have loved things about all of them.

Right now, I live in upstate New York near one of the Finger Lakes. The thing I love most here is that in the summer, I can start my day in a kayak and end it on a sailboat. In the winter in upstate New York, we experiment with how many different consistencies of slush there can be in the world. So that's a good time to stay inside, put my feet on the radiator, go somewhere else in my head and write. I write stories for kids and the grownups who love them.